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Listed below are additions to the PONY Baseball, Inc. RULES AND REGULATIONS". These ground rules are intended to clarify play in the Pinto League. The Rules and Regulations of PONY Baseball can be viewed in their entirety at


Practices shall be limited to three (3) per week before the season and one (1) per week during the season. Teams are restricted to three (3) activities (games and practices) per week. Practices shall be limited to two (2) hours maximum per session. Any meeting of the team with the manager or coach will be considered a practice. Violation of this rule could entail manager probation or dismissal. Batting practice on game day is not considered a practice.


The home team will provide the official scorekeeper and post scores on the BSWB Scorecard.  The visiting team will provide a scoreboard operator to work in conjunction with the official scorekeeper.  The operator will be required to pick up the scoreboard remote and leave their driver’s license as a deposit.  After each game, the manager or coach of each team and the umpire-in-chief will sign the official scorecard, which will serve as the official record of innings played in the game by each player.

The home team will be responsible for putting out the bases and chalking the field. The visiting team will be responsible for raking, watering, and cleanup after their game (this includes Saturday games). Visiting Managers/Coaches are responsible to put all bases and equipment in the storage box after the last game of the day.

The inability of either team to place eight (8) players on the field before the game begins or anytime during the game is a forfeit.

A maximum total of one manager and two coaches per team shall be allowed in the dugout during each game.

All team members on the roster for that game will be listed in the batting order. All players will bat according to this batting order. Players arriving late to a game will have their names placed at the bottom of the batting order.

Managers shall prepare a written line-up, in duplicate, for each game. It shall include each player's full name, uniform number, batting order and starting pitcher. Players arriving after the start of play shall be inserted into the batting order at the bottom and, into the defensive line-up in a manner that is consistent with the defensive rotation rules. Managers shall exchange line-ups prior to the start of play. The manager shall be responsible for the conduct of team players and their parents, at all times during practices and games. The use of alcohol or tobacco by any parent or spectator is prohibited.

ALL players will wear SW Logo hats*, issued Jerseys*, and matching pants, belts and socks during games. (Note* Only “issued” hats and jerseys are allowed. No custom-made hats or Jerseys are allowed, and may only be modified with Players names or numbers.)

Catchers shall wear catcher's helmet, mask, and throat protector (Hockey-style masks have the throat protector incorporated in their design).

Batters and Base Runners shall wear approved Batting Helmets, and shall not remove them until they return to the dugout.

All players are required to wear Athletic Supporters with Protective Cup or will not play in that game until a protective cup is worn. No metal cleats are allowed.

The home team shall occupy the third base dugout. Only team members, manager, and coaches are permitted in the dugout during games. The manager and "coach of record" are to remain in the dugout or coach's box during games. No alcohol, profanity, or use of tobacco in any form is allowed. No bat persons are allowed.

No ball buckets are allowed on the playing field during the game.


Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs. Every player must play one inning in the infield. Players will not sit out three innings in consecutive games. Penalty: The player(s) involved shall start the next scheduled game and play any previous requirement not completed and the requirement for the current game before being removed. The manager will receive a one game suspension. A suspended manager shall be permitted to be a spectator of a game involving the team of which he is the manager.

A maximum of nine defensive players are allowed on the field. Three defensive outfielders must remain in the outfield positions at all times.

Catchers are required to wear a mask with throat guard (throat guard must attach to mask and extend to top of chest), (Hockey-style masks have the throat protector incorporated in their design), chest protector, shin guards, protective athletic supporter with cup and protective headgear which gives protection to the top of the head when catching behind the plate. Any player serving as a catcher to warm up a pitcher shall wear a mask, bullpen included.

Pitching Machine Settings:

Power Level = 4, Micro Adjust = 3, Release Block = 3, front of machine shall be placed 33 ft. from home plate (approximately where the grass and dirt of pitcher’s mound meet).


Up to 10 defensive players are allowed on the field if both coaches agree to playing 10 prior to the game.  If the game is played with 10 defensive players, 4 players must remain in the outfield at all times (e.g., Left Field, Left Center Field, Right Center Field, and Right Field).  If the game is played with nine defensive players, three players must remain in the outfield at all times.

Defensive players fielding the pitching position must be positioned on either side of the machine with one foot in the dirt area of the pitcher’s mound until the ball is batted.

Catchers are required to wear a mask with throat guard (throat guard must attach to mask and extend to top of chest), chest protector, shin guards, protective athletic supporter with cup, and protective headgear which gives protection to the top of the head when catching behind the plate.

A batted ball becomes dead when the ball is returned to the pitcher who is occupying a spot in close proximity to the pitcher’s mound and asks for time.  Base runners will be allowed to advance to the base they are in route to once the pitcher occupies the ball and is granted time by the umpire.  Pitchers and/or other defensive players can elect to make a play on a runner at any time; however, base runners are permitted to run the bases until they are put out by a play at a base or the pitcher is in possession of the ball in close proximity to the pitcher’s mound and asks for time.  The umpire, at his or her discretion, can stop play whenever they deem there is no further play to be made.  


Each batter will receive a maximum of 6 pitches from the pitching machine.  A batter can strike out on 3 strikes (a strike consists of a swing and miss or a foul ball).  A batter can only strike out on a foul ball if it is the 6th pitch of the at bat.  A batter is considered out if the 6th pitch is not put in play unless the umpire rules the pitch as a “dead ball” no pitch.  There are no walks.  It is at the umpire’s discretion to rule a pitch as a no pitch if the machine throws an unhittable ball (considerably outside the zone).  If the pitching machine begins to throw balls outside the strike zone, a coach may ask the umpire for time to adjust and test the machine.  Any ball put in play that comes into contact with the pitching machine is a “dead ball” no pitch.

A maximum of 5 runs can be scored per half inning by each team unless the ball that is hit which would result in a 5th run is a home run (a home run in this case is considered a ball that is hit over the fence). Example:  4 runs have scored and the bases are loaded and a player hits a home run – the offensive team would be credited for 8 runs in the inning.

A coach of the team at bat will operate the pitching machine.

Game Time Limit:

A complete game is six (6) innings.  No new inning shall start after one (1) hour and forty-five (45) minutes of regular play.  Games that end in a tie will count as a ½ win for each team.  The umpire will inform the official scorekeeper of the game start time.  During the Fall season, there is a drop dead time of 1:55 minutes due to time constraints of the shorter days.

Post-Game Cleanup:

Team players, manager, coaches, and parents shall pick up litter on and around the field and seating area after each game. The visiting team manager for the last game of the day is responsible for taking up and storing the bases and other equipment. Failure to do so will result in the manager's name being turned in to the Board of Directors by the Director on duty. The team will lose it’s next practice session as a penalty.  A manager's name being turned the second time will mean a one game suspension.


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