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Manager/Coach Code of Conduct

It is the goal of Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball (BSWB) league to provide a positive and instructive environment for all participants. Coaches are an essential part of assuring that the players and their families enjoy their experience with our league. As a coach, the responsibility rests with you to not only teach sound baseball technique but sportsmanship as well as serve as a role model for all involved. The players and their parents alike will be watching you and the way that you respond to all situations. It is essential that your conduct represent the league and yourself in the best possible way.

As a MANAGER/COACH of the Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball (BSWB) League, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

1.)  I will remember that I represent myself and the League, and will treat all players with respect, being positive and constructive at all times to all players, coaches and umpires.

2.)  I will never use abusive language or actions and will control myself at all times.  As such, I will never belittle any participant, opposing team, official, or observer. Any issues should be handled in a respectful, quiet, and individual manner.  I will insist that parents and members of my team follow my example.

3.)  I will treat all umpires with respect, recognizing that they are part of the game.  I recognize that baseball rules involve judgment and that on occasion there may be disagreement.  If I have a disagreement or complaint, I will use the appropriate methods of appeal during and/or after the game. I will avoid confrontational behavior on the field.

4.)  I will continuously improve my baseball coaching skill by attending League-sponsored coaching clinics.

5.)  I will have registration/medical release forms and a first aid kit on hand whenever my team is together.

6.)  I will monitor the behavior of my team’s parents in the stands and will take action as necessary to assure proper conduct.

7.)  I will promote sportsmanlike conduct, shaking hands with the opposing coaches and players after each game, encouraging my team members to cheer positively and shake hands with the other team in a sportsmanlike manner after the game as well.  I will not tolerate negative cheering, trash-talking or displays of anger or disrespect by my team.

8.)  I will assure all members of my team abide by the Good Neighbor Policy, parking only in approved areas of the facility.

9.)  I will conduct regular practices that will be used to teach sound baseball fundamentals while being fun for all involved.  I recognize that I am coaching players of varying abilities and insure all players are treated equally in-terms of instruction and playing time.

10.)  Unless parents approve of their child leaving practice on their own, I will be sure that an adult is present until every player has been picked up after practice.

11.)  I will never seek to manipulate player evaluation scores, drafts, tryouts or league rules to achieve an unfair advantage for my team.

12.)  I will not smoke* or use any tobacco products (including chew, patches, etc.), or drink alcoholic beverages at the fields. (*note – includes all “e-cig” products.)

13.)  I acknowledge that in the event that either I or any of my players are found to be in violation of the rules of the game, the Bylaws of the League, or the established Code of Conduct, disciplinary action may be taken as deemed appropriate by the League disciplinary committee associated with the Board of Directors of the League.



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