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Player Code of Conduct

It is the goal of the Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball (BSWB) League to provide a positive and instructive environment for all participants.  As a player the responsibility rests with you to be willing to learn, play hard and be committed to your team for the entire season.  You should attend practices regularly and be present at all games. It should be understood that any player that repeatedly misses a game or practices, without notifying his/her coach, will be reported to the Division Commissioner and could be penalized by sitting out part of future game.

Baseball is a team sport and each player is an important component in the success of the team. Player's adherence to this code will promote fair play, discipline and sportsmanship for the good of LA-MVPB.

As a PLAYER of the Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball League, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

1.)  I will have respect for the equipment.  When at bat, I will always wear my helmet and will not remove it until I return to the dugout.  As a catcher, I will always wear the proper equipment as provided and/or recommended by the league.

2.)  I will always wear the proper uniform in the proper way.

3.)  I will not allow myself to display anger directed at an opposing player, coach, umpire, teammate or myself. I understand that I will be ejected from the game for this type of behavior.

4.)  I understand that if I intentionally throw my bat, helmet, glove or any piece of equipment that I will be subject to ejection from the game at the discretion of the umpire.

5.)  I will try to be responsible while at bat and not throw my bat unintentionally.  If I do, in most cases a warning will be issued.  Any subsequent offense will result in an out or ejection at the discretion of the umpire.

6.)  I will play hard but in a safe and responsible manner.  I will not intentionally endanger another player in any way.

7.)  I will not use abusive language or participate in any form of trash talk or negative cheering.  I will promote sportsmanlike conduct, encouraging my team members to cheer positively and shake hands with the opposing players after each game.

8.)  I understand that if I am ejected from a game, for the above offenses, I may be suspended from the next game as well.


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