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Board Member Code of Conduct

It is the goal of Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball (BSWB), (“League”), to provide a positive and instructive environment for all participants. Directors of the League are an essential part of assuring that the participants, coaches, and fans enjoy their experience with our League. As a Director, the responsibility rests with you to teach sound baseball sportsmanship as well as serve as a role model for all involved. The children and their parents alike will be watching you and the way that you respond to all situations. It is essential that your conduct represent the League and yourself in the best possible way.

As a BOARD MEMBER of the Bakersfield SouthWest Baseball (BSWB) League, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

1.)  I will treat all children with respect, being positive and constructive at all times to all players and umpires. I will not use abusive language or actions and will control my anger at all times. I will insist that any parents, coaches, players, and/or fans that I come in contact with follow my example.

2.)  I will continuously strive to improve the operations of the League and be pro-active in seeking improvement and change, if necessary, in my primary area of responsibility as a Board member. The critiques of others participating in the League’s activities are important to me and I will solicit the opinions of other Board members, coaches, and parents (where applicable) in order to constantly evaluate the League’s progress toward its stated goals. Finally, I will endeavor to foster the spirit of teamwork in my dealings with other Board members on League activities and offer my assistance to them whenever I can.

3.)  As a Board Member, I will support the Board’s decisions (votes), even if I do not agree with them, and will not talk negatively of decisions I do not agree with.

4.)  I will monitor the behavior of the League’s teams and coaches and when I am present at a League sponsored event I will take action as necessary to assure the proper conduct of all present. Whenever possible or appropriate, I will attend League sponsored clinics to lend support to the League’s instructional programs.

5.)  I will promote sportsmanlike conduct, by all those present at League sponsored events, including shaking hands between coaches after each game, encouraging team members to cheer positively and shake hands with the other team in a sportsmanlike manner after the game, and positive support for all players and umpires by the fans. I will not tolerate negative cheering, trash-talking or displays of anger or disrespect by any player, coach, fan or team.

6.)  I will not seek to manipulate drafts, tryouts or League rules to achieve an unfair advantage for myself or any other coach, team, or group of players within the League.

7.)  I will not use my position as a board member, to influence officials, coaches, players or parents, during any game I am involved in as a manager, coach, or parent-spectator.

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