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Protesting a Game


NOTE: A protest based on a play which involves and umpire’s judgement shall not be permitted.

When protests are based on an interpretation of the rules, the objecting manager shall, at the time the play occurs*, notify the head umpire, the opposing manager, and the official scorekeeper that the game is being played under protest, and submit the protest, in writing, to the board member on duty, or executive board member within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

When protests, based on the interpretation of a rule, are upheld by the Rules Committee, the game concerned shall be replayed from the point of protest.

Umpires will make a public announcement to the crowd when a game is being played under protest.

Any team manager or other adult leader who withdraws a team from the playing field under any circumstances prior to the official completion of the game shall forfeit all rights to protest as prescribed in the section.

* Protests made after completion of a game will not be heard by the Rules Committee, unless the protest was declared “at the time of the play in question”.   A signed scorecard, that does not have the protest indicated on it, only by the scorekeeper – and acknowledged by the umpires initials, will be considered an official game and no protest will be heard.