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Field Maintenance (Prep Fields)


It is your responsibility, as Manager/Coach to help keep our fields in pristine condition.  Field Maintenance is the only way to provide safe playing surfaces for our players.  Proper maintenance must be performed after each game or practice.  Managers are responsible to maintain the field at the end of their practice.  

On game days during the week, the Home Team is responsible to prep the field prior to the start of the game, including dragging, raking, watering as needed.  At the conclusion of the game, the Visiting Team will drag, rake and water and put all equipment away in the storage cage. 

For Saturday games, before first game of the day, the Home Team will prep the field, as above.  At the end of the day (last game) the Visiting Team will maintain the field and put equipment away, as above.  Between Saturday games, the Visiting Team, of the previous game, and the Home Team, of the next game, should work together to prep the field for the next game.  This will reduce the prep time between games.   


1.)  Fill in any holes around pitcher mound, bases and batting areas (tools in shed); tamp the mound.

2.)  Drag the field (however it suits you, just get all areas covered, no specific pattern needed, but in to out preferred. (On the larger fields, the on-shift Blue Shirt can help drag the field with the drag machine).

3.)  Be sure to rake the base lines in the direction of the line.  Do not rake side to side, as this deposits material in the grass and causes the edges to build up.

4.)  Water the entire field – do not over water. Be sure to lightly water the areas you will be spray painting in the next step (batter’s box and 1B/3B line). This is important as the paint will not stick otherwise. Please put hose away in sheds neatly and hang in sheds on provided hooks.

5.)  Pull base plugs and store in shed - Install bases – the tool for cleaning out pegs is in the sheds

6..)  Fit paint machine with spray can (if there is little to no paint in the shed, please tell a Blue-Shirt on duty.) Line should be about 2" wide. If it is spraying thin, the nozzle on the spray can needs to be turned 90 degrees.

7.)  Prepare batter's boxes using the metal outline provided in the sheds. Lay it down, walk on it to make an imprint, and then spray the paint on the outline.

8.)  Clip the string-line to the clip on the fence behind home plate and run it to the outside of 1B all the way to the outfield grass, paint should be on the INSIDE of the line, repeat for 3B line.

  • NOTE: Keep to 1 can of paint for batter’s box and 1B/3B lines.
  • NOTE: Put all empty paint cans in a box in the equipment cage.

9.)  Play ball

10.) If you are the last team of the day please put away bases, put pegs back in base holes, drag field, put tools away very tidy and lock up all cages.

Water locations for fields: Behind Mounds.