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Player Evaluation Explained



We are changing our format from “Tryouts” to “Player Evaluation”.  This will be a mandatory item for ALL players in Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony Divisions. (Foal and Shetland will not need to attend). This is an EVALUATION not a try-out.  All players make a team, no one is turned away.  The evaluations are used for team balance and to assure your player will have the best possible baseball experience.

The kids are grouped by their assigned time.  Together they go through a warm up, and then are timed on a 60ft run. They then proceed to 3 other stations for evaluation in batting, fielding and throwing. The batting is against a pitching machine and sometimes supplemented with a batting tee.  They get approximately 5 swings. Players may use their own bat.  One fielding evaluation is 3 ground balls batted to the shortstop position - the player fields the ball and throws to first base.  The second fielding evaluation is 3 fly balls from a machine to the outfield - the player tries to catch the ball and throw to third base. The tryout process lasts about an one to two hours.

Please bring your player according to the first initial in their last name at the times shown on the schedule (TBD) and arrive about 15-mins early to check-in.  At that time your player will be assigned a group and escorted through the evaluation program.  The program consists of a timed run, batting, ground balls, fly balls and pitching.  While our team will do their best to keep the process on time - delays might occur though in some time slots.

What to Expect at Player Evaluations

Welcome to the 2016 BSWB player evaluation process

1.)  When you first arrive at the fields, please check-in at the welcome table.

2.)  From there your player will be put into a group.  Once the groups are formed (typically about 10-players each) one of the BSWB representatives will get the players warmed-up with stretching.

3.)  From there a representative will escort the group to the running station.  The running station is where the players speed will be timed.  In Mustang 1 and 2 the base-line distance is 60', Bronco it extends to 70' and for Pony the distance is 80'.  Once the entire group has run they are escorted to the batting station.

4.)  For fielding they will be placed first in left field and field 3 fly balls and throw them to third base. They will move to short stop — here they will field 3-ground balls, one at a time, and throw them to first-base.  As with the batting the evaluators all know this is early in the season with many players that have not touched a glove or a baseball since June.  As with batting we are looking for basic fielding and throwing skills, form and tracking.  Missing a ball or two or three for that matter is OK.

5.) Finally, at the batting station, a coach will be using a pitching machine to pitch to each player.  The players are evaluated on stance, swing mechanics and of course contact.  Being so early in the season, contact is not a critical determining factor, so relax.  Once the group has completed batting they are escorted to the fielding area.

6.)  All players will receive an average score of all the evaluators.  This score will be used to rank each player against their peers in the division.  This information will be used in several areas.

7.)  Rankings will be used during the drafting of teams.  If you are new to the drafting system, the only players "placed" on a team are the player of the Manager and ONE Assistant Coach.  All other players are drafted.  No player is guaranteed to be selected by any specific manager.

Finally this information is used as a single data-point of many during the all star selection process.

A word about the evaluators - the coaches from their respective divisions are involved in scoring all the players on evaluation day.  Coaches do not score their own player and any such scores will be dismissed when the scores are processed.  We do this for a couple of reasons, first is to gather a much larger sampling of player data, and two, to engage managers in the League to make the process more transparent.

Finally — this is an EVALUATION not a try-out.  All players make a team, no one is turned away. The evaluations are used for team balance and to assure your player will have the best possible baseball experience.

Thank you for being part of the BSWB Baseball family. We look forward to seeing you at the games.